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Duvet ‘Texel-Lux’ all season

Thermal grade: To be combined to obtain thermal grade 1 up to 4

The ‘Texel-Lux’ duvet is filled with 100% pure Texel sheep wool that has been selected with the utmost care to ensure the highest possible quality grade of this pure virgin wool.

The duvet consists of a summer and winter duvet, that can be easily clipped together with buttons to create a super warm winter duvet.

Wool has excellent temperature and moisture-regulating properties, which makes it ideal for duvet filling.

Since wool has good elasticity, the duvet will always keep its shape.

This 100% top-quality natural duvet is the best guarantee for a comfortable and cozy night’s sleep. Wool contains lanoline which makes it self-cleaning up to a certain degree.



Wool is hardly affected by mold growth. Mold does not only require warm temperatures to grow but also high humidity.

Since wool has excellent ventilating and temperature-regulating properties, it prevents the mold from forming.

Thanks to the lanoline it contains, wool is self-cleaning, anti-bacterial and dirt repellant.

Since pure virgin wool has excellent ventilating, temperature and humidity-regulating properties, it is also naturally inhospitable to dust mites.

Make sure to keep your duvet fresh to prevent dust mites.


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Product details

all season with carrying bag and insert
100% Perkaline cotton
100% New Wool
200 gr/m2 + 350 gr/m2 
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