A guarantee for quality

At GARNIWATT, our goal is to help our clients increase their profitability and competitiveness by developing, manufacturing and selling products that meet the consumers’ needs in terms of comfort, health and safety.

We are a family business, founded by François Janssens and Lilianne Clygnet in July 1974. It was created after the split-up of the company L’Ouate. GARNIWAT continued to expand the department ‘industrial cotton wool’. Industrial cotton wool is a semi-finished product that is used for many applications, ranging from mattress manufacturing to horticulture.

In the eighties, GARNIWATT started manufacturing pillows and pillow fillings. This department was further developed by making continued investments in both people and machinery. Take a look around our production hall.
During the nineties, GARNIWATT started manufacturing polyester filled bags. These were produced under Private label.

In order to consolidate and consolidate the profitable growth of this product within the consolidating European market, GARNIWAT integrated PANDA industries into the company at the end of December 2002. The PANDA brand therefore represents top quality polyester fillings.
Sales markets are Benelux, France and Germany, as well as a number of other markets which are served by selective product and market strategy.

Successful growth will only be possible if the seemingly contradictory interests of customers, employees, suppliers and society are reconciled in a reasonable way and in this way the continued existence of GARNIWAT is worthwhile for all interested parties. Current business managers: Achiel Janssens & Jo Janssens