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PET plastics are gaining popularity. PET stands for ‘polyethylene terephthalate’. It is a form of polyester that is mostly used to produce packaging materials, but also to make clothing fibers and fabrics, such as fleece.

When it comes to sustainable filling materials and clothing, recycled polyester is back in the picture, although major companies are using this recycled material ever since the nineties. The technology has been further developed and recycled plastics can now be transformed into various types of fabrics, such as denim.

It is a great concept after all ... turning plastic bottles and packaging materials into fabrics ... There is a huge pile of waste containing useless quantities of plastics, that are choking our oceans and wildlife. In addition, the production of plastics requires large quantities of fossil raw materials, such as oil, natural gas and coal.

* But: “It is all well-intentioned, but European research has recently been carried out on the impact of the washing process of synthetic clothes. The findings are alarming. Clothes containing plastic fibers such as fleece, nylon, acryl and polyester, contribute much more to the plastic soup in our oceans than previously thought. One single fleece jacket of 680 grams releases not tens of thousands, but millions of tiny synthetic fibers into the water per washing. Since they are so tiny, the slip through the water treatment plants”.

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100% gerecycleerde Polyester
1000 gram en 500 gram
Wasbaar 40° *(zie opmerking)
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