Watten en non wovens

Polyester fleeces

A good night’s sleep is vital if you want to perform well the next day. In this respect, the comfort and the warmth provided by the mattresses are key. So, we asked ourselves how we could improve people’s sleeping comfort by using smart, non-woven fabrics, and how we could adapt our products to meet the many requirements. Our high-quality non-woven fabrics enable many bedding brands to promise their clients a good night’s sleep. Since non-woven fabrics offer a wide variety of finishing and fiber compositions, they are extremely safe for your health. You can enjoy your home in a relaxed manner. There is absolutely no reason to worry!


To make you feel even better, our non-woven fabrics used for upholstery are characterized by their durability and increased comfort.

Technicians call them ‘non-woven textile fabrics’. In general, they are called ‘non-woven fabrics’. When it comes to defining this material, it can be ranged somewhere between textile and paper, or between felt, foil and leather. They benefit from both the advantages of natural materials and the processing possibilities of modern chemistry to produce fleece. It is an infinitely versatile product that can be used in endlessly new variations, which makes it quite unique.

Fire-resistant or moldable, lightfast or conducting, thin or thick, ... non-wovens can be integrated into the production process and manufactured to meet all kinds of requirements and a very wide range of profiles. High strength or extremely fine, wear-resistant or breathing, water-repellent or weatherproof. Non-wovens can be adapted to more than 40 physical, chemical and technical relevant requirement profiles. So, it is no wonder that non-wovens can be used in an almost infinite number of applications.

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